Can my alarm system be fixed or updated

Current  examples

Burglar alarm panel

Customer called with a 25 year old alarm that had not been working for the past couple of years but wanted minimum disruption in the property. I the panel battery had expired damaging the control panel so I recommended a front end upgrade replacing the control panel ,sounder,battery and sensing devices using the existing wiring. Leaving them happy as a neighbour had his alarm replaced with a wireless system that requires more maintenance with regards to the cost of changing batteries every so often.

Buying a property with a burglar alarm

Customer had just bought a property where the existing alarm system could not be used due to the previous owner either not having or giving them the user code or manual. I was called out within the first 7 days and managed to input a new user code of their choosing along with bringing the system back into operational use and sending the customer an electronic copy of the user manual. The owner made a claim to the previous owner under the 7 day liability rule.

Selling a property with a burglar alarm

Customer was selling their property but the alarm system was not working and they were concerned that this problem would be highlighted in the seven day defects liability to the new owner. I managed to get the alarm working assuring  a relieved customer the system was  back into operational use.