Cannot reset my burglar alarm

Basic Problem

I get calls by the owner who report that their alarm panel will not reset and displays a message saying Engineer reset required.

So what is Engineer reset required message

Well when the alarm is installed the alarm company changed the engineers code and then they program the panel not to allow a customer reset on certain alarms ie Low battery voltage

Q. Why ?

A. Simple you need to call them out to reset the control panel at a cost to you.

Q.  Can they do this is it legal ?

A.  Well in my view No the Engineers reset function was only meant to put put in place at the instructions of the local police authority and only after 2-3 false alarms. This meant if the alarm was activated then the system would lock out forcing the owner to get a security company to check the system out

Q.  Do I have to call them out or will they give me the code ?

A. No they will cite security issues but in reality they want to charge  a call-out fee of anything from £125-£150 + VAT just to attend. One example was a company installed their systems in all of the new houses after 5-7 years the batteries started to fail and when they did the panel locked out and would not reset via the owners code. A resident called out the alarm company and was charge £135 for the first 30 minutes £45 and hour after that then £90 for the battery in total £270 +VAT = £324 in total . My charge for a house in the same street was £95 in total with the Engineers reset lockout removed.

Q. What if I do call them out ?

A. Well its your choice but before they visit ask what the cost will be and  you should insist that the Engineer reset facility is switched off plus the Engineers code be changed to one of your choosing.

Q. Can I call you out to do it and what would the cost be ?

A. Yes I charge £75 in total for this service plus £20 to replace the battery if required. Also if I cannot do it then there is no charge.