Home security advise Edinburgh

Home security advise

I have worked with house alarm for the past 30 years so you could say I have got a feel on house burglaries and get asked how can I secure my property. Well you would expect me to say get a burglar alarm but there are other forms of deterrent and a burglar alarm is just part of that.  My opinion has always been you will never stop house crime but you can deter the burglars and force them  to try elsewhere.

Burglar Security Prevention

In my view there is a lot of myths concerning the thinking of a burglar so lets look at some.

Burglars  watch your movement for 2-3 days before they act. Well sounds good but in reality most house break ins are opportunistic and random where the burglar enters a area and in a sense does a risk assessment on what properties are easier to break in to remember they want easy not hard.

So what securty advise can you give me to keep my possessions safe

Well you could start with the locks in your house so if you have say a standard Euro cylinder lock then think about upgrading it to a Euro high security lock that makes it harder to break in. Also your home insurance company will be pleased that you have fitted a higher grade of lock as it demonstrates you want to improve your home security.

Standard Euro lock
High security euro lock
High security euro keys

Also the current trend is to break in and steal the keys to the nice car in the drive so common sense is do not leave the car keys where they can be easily found and yes take them to bed with you plus human nature has a key hook in the kitchen where you can find the car spare key so find an alternative place for these . You don’t want to go out at night and return to see the car gone.

Also when you go away for a few days or on holiday you also need to apply this mentality  to things like bank or credit cards passports, tablets , laptops and driving license to ensure you do not get used for identity theft.

So if you do get broken into at least you can limit the damage to you and your family so no need to get paranoid just be more aware.

Another good idea is to take digital pictures of the rooms in your house along with expensive items like computers , phones, TV etc.

It is also a good idea to invest in a USB memory stick and take a copy of all your pictures and documents on your computer then put it in a safe place updating it if and when required so if you do get your laptop or computer stolen at least you will not lose those important documents and pictures.