Power cut

Why does my alarm activate during  or after a power cut

Below is a question and answer listing on why security intruder burglar alarms activate after or during  a power cut

Q.   Why does this happen                                                                                          A.  Alarm systems have a rechargeable battery  inside the main control panel and outside sounder

Q.   So why is that. ?                                                                                                          A. Well the standards state that the control panel battery should maintain the alarm system for at least 8 hours during a loss of power. This is to ensure that there is no false alarms during
this period.

Q.   Why does a battery fail. ?

alarm battery

A. Batteries have a lifespan of approximately 5 years and if it is changed during these intervals then your system should not cause any undue false alarms during a loss of power.

Q.   So what can happen if you do not change or renew the battery. ?                          A. Well after 5 years the battery can deteriorate and could eventually damage the control panel as this unit also operates as a battery charger. If the battery is faulty or fails during a loss of
power it will not maintain the system during this period and because of this the external sounder   will activate independently  powered by its own on board battery leaving  the occupier with no way of silencing the unit.

Q.   Does it matter if my sounder activates  and if I cannot access my control panel. ?                                                                                                                   A. Well eventually the battery in the external sounder will run down but this could take between 30 to 60 minutes plus its common for a dip or loss of power in the middle of the night then this could  be a disruptive influence with your family and neighbours .

Q.   My alarm system is 7 years old and does not go into alarm during a brief loss of power. ?                                                                                                    A. Yes sometimes this is the case but be aware the battery may only have enough capacity to power your system for 30 minutes after that your system could cause a disturbance in your area and
if this scenario plays out in the middle of the night then you may be in a situation where the external sounder is activated and the owner has no way of silencing it.
Q.   What do you do with the old batteries you remove from alarm systems. ?                                                                                                                               A.     Each battery is dropped off at a local alarm equipment supplier who runs a recycling facility.